• This mini, pocket sized hardback book is perfect for note taking or sketching. Covered in a unique leaf photogram cyanotype, with a dark blue cloth spine, the book is hand-bound and hand-stitched with quality FSC certified paper; it has a straight spine. 


    Size: 7.5cm h x 5.5cm x 1.5cm approx

    Pages: 46 double-sided pages (92 pages)

    Paper: blank, Fabriano 120gsm, lignin free and acid free cellulose


    Each book is handmade and unique and the nature of the printing process means that variations (for example, differing brush strokes, intensity of colour etc) do occur. Whilst every effort is made to photograph the book as accurately as possible, there may be some variations in colour from the actual product. 

    Mini Hardback Notebook/Sketchbook

    SKU: HB01001